Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Writer Writing~ Heading into 2019 like a champ

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The Bazaar of Bad Dreams ~ Stephen King

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Dark Awakening ~ Cascade Saga

     As the question 'Where did 2018 go?' has no answer in my world and the holidays are taking a break... Valentine's day not included, even if heart shaped boxes of chocolates are freaking everywhere, we are now heading into the third week of January- 'Where is 2019 going?' wow!
     Did you get to witness the blood moon? Thankfully, after an entire day of cloudy skies, it cleared up making the blood moon visible. Incredible.

     Soo...what adventures are waiting for you this year?

     I'm starting with scuba lessons.... yes, you read that correctly. Because why should I sit on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, cocktail in hand, and listening to the waves lap at the shore, when I could be underwater! Right!
     If I survive the underwater lessons and things that swim in the ocean, I've made plans to do some hiking (dry and on land). One of the trips will be to Lassen Volcanic National Park, Northern California (I know shocker) where I'll get to hike and take pictures. And I believe there's a winery near there... soo... you know where I'll end up. Next will be a visit to Mount Whitney, no major hiking just camping and photography, wine, and wine.
     Of course, Dark Awakening (book two in the Cascade Saga) is coming along and if all goes the way it's playing out in my fantasy land, it'll be ready for a Halloween release. If not, well, maybe Christmas, and by Christmas, I mean the winter solstice. Maybe.
     This post wouldn't be complete without something about writing, right.
     Straight from the message vault~ Where do your ideas come from?
This is a loaded question, cause I chase rabbit trails, and never come up with a complete answer. However, I'll give it a try. Answer- Everywhere. Everyone. Everything. Perfect.

Meanwhile, desert living has afforded great weather and out about I'll be until next time. 

Find me in these great and exciting places ❤

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